Videos to Inspire and Inform

DocuThis produces custom videos for individuals, businesses and community organizations.

DocuThis creates videos in a wide variety of styles and applications, including interviews, family histories, special events, performances, product demos and promotional spots. We bring a fresh and distinctive approach to each and every project.

Professional video production is an exacting craft that requires a variety of talents, skills and years of experience. Glenn Litton, the force behind DocuThis, began in 1977 as a producer with WGBH-TV. His experience includes not only broadcast and non-broadcast video but also music, theater and the fine arts.

Lost Masterpiece Found

In May, 2020, Flicker Alley (US) and Powerhouse Films (UK) released the Blu-ray/DVD of the feature film "Spring Night Summer Night" (1967). The new edition is accompanied by two videos produced by DocuThis: “Spring Night Summer Night-50 Years Later” and ”Cleveland Cinematheque Q&A (2016).” "Spring Night Summer Night" had disappeared for almost 50 years. Critics judged it a lost masterpiece. “Spring Night Summer Night-50 Years Later” tells the story of the film’s making, the strange circumstances of its disappearance and its triumphant re-emergence. Click here.

Mill Brook Rediscovered

Mill Brook in Arlington, MA, played a central role in the founding and blossoming of the town. The trustees of an historic living museum on the brook asked DocuThis to produce a video that would raise the public’s awareness and appreciation of this neglected gem. Click here.

DocuThis Makes History

In close collaboration with the Theatre Department at the University of Michigan, DocuThis has produced both archival and promotional videos for the department’s 100th anniversary celebration. Click here.

Electing Video

In the summer of 2017, Cindy F. Friedman ran for Massachusetts State Senator. Her campaign staff asked DocuThis to produce on a tight deadline a quartet of videos. Those videos attracted over 10,000 hits in a single week. Cindy won the primary and the general election. Click here.

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