Video for your community

Video is a great way to encourage community spirit and rally support for a cause. For example, you can use video to get community support for taming vehicular traffic in your neighborhood. A well–shot, well–edited video can show the volume and pace of vehicles through your neighborhood and show comparisons with other neighborhoods where traffic is better managed.

We hope the following suggestions inspire you to come up with a unique video project for your community.

blogs or web newsletters
campaign presentations
celebrations such as parades and town days
presentations to officials
rallies and debates
sporting events

Contact us today with your video idea. We’ll be happy to discuss approaches and provide estimates.


Mill Brook Rediscovered

Buried, channeled, dammed and forgotten. The story of a valuable resource that deserves a new life. (Click on the image.)

A classic Fourth

A quintessential American parade passes by in this mini–panorama of spectacle and sound. (Click on the image.)

Videos for a state senator and representative

DocuThis produced videos for Massachusetts State Senator Cindy Friedman and Representative Dave Rogers. The following are a campaign video for Sen. Friedman and a post–election message from Rep. Rogers. Click on the images.

Friedman Campaign Video   

"Day One"-A celebration and the start of Boston's Poetry Project

When beloved professor and poet Fred Marchant retired from Suffolk University, he used the occasion to launch Boston's Poetry Project. DocuThis recorded the celebration. (Click on the image.)